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CARAMEL morphed into Star Wars


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Some samples of collaborations
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Logos, posters, adverts, T-shirts, mugs, all kinds of illustrations...
Caramel has been used on all these products to convey their message or enliven their visual content.

Belgique4 Balzanes

The Belgian association «4 Balzanes» wages an active campaign against animal suffering and its perpetrators. Its shelter welcomes ill-treated equines and offers them a peaceful life at last.

CARAMEL collaborates with 4 Balzanes

The Belgian equivalent of the French Equestrian Federation brings together horse and donkey lovers. All disciplines, and watchwords: respect for the horse, sharing and friendship!

CARAMEL collaborates with FFE
BelgiqueSans Collier

Created in 1975, the CNPA is a leading player in the protection of animals in Belgium. Its missions consist of representing associations through the lobbying of politicians.

CARAMEL collaborates with Sans Collier

Le but de l'Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, située à New River, est de sauver et réhabiliter des équidés malades, blessés ou abandonnés et de sensibiliser la population à leur sort.

CARAMEL collaborates with AERO
États-UnisBack On Track

Back on Track makes ceramic textile protective pads for the joints and muscles of horses, dogs and humans

CARAMEL collaborates with Backontrack

The US para-equestrian association supports and helps athletes with physical disabilities to progress and flourish in Olympic equestrian sports.

CARAMEL collaborates with USPEA
France Agenda du Cheval

The Agenda du Cheval provides information on regional and international horse events. Updated daily. Sorted by date, region and event type. This newsletter allows you to plan in advance and gives you last minute reminders.

CARAMEL collaborates with Agenda du Cheval
France Cavalière

“La Cavalière SAS” is a French workshop manufacturing riding clothes, but not only! All your textile projects are achievable, tailored and personalized as you wish.

CARAMEL collabore avec Cavalière
France Centre Éq. Ste Gauburge

A tourist equestrian centre as well as a horse farm, the French School of Equestrianism, dedicated to the horse and the pony, offers nature-lovers camping and holiday cottage facilities

CARAMEL collaborates with Centre Éq. St Gauburge

Contre Galop offers an excellent selection of articles full of cool info for anyone with a passion for horses, fun little guides, TOP STORIES... Everything done by very talented writers!

CARAMEL collaborates with Contre-Galop

Cultura is the French specialist in cultural and artistic leisure serving curiosity, talent and passions. It's a generous concept, based on a culture at your fingertips.

CARAMEL collaborates with Cultura

Decathlon, stores of every sports activities and all levels, where passionate sportsmen find the best advice and equipments, anywhere in the world.

CARAMEL collaborates with DECATHLON
France De fils en crins

******** En attente ********

CARAMEL collabore avec De fils en crins
FranceÉcurie des Ayennes

L’Ecurie des Ayennes welcomes riders of all ages in very well-equipped facilities. On-site staff allow you to practice all disciplines.

CARAMEL collaborates with Écurie

EquiLiberté THE National Federation of Equestrian Trekking. Its motto «By trekkers, for trekkers» says it all. Today, it counts more than 2,000 members and 150 associations.

CARAMEL collaborates with Equiliberté

The association Equilivre works alongside editors, booksellers and authors to promote, distribute and sell books on horse-riding at its own trade fairs.

CARAMEL collaborates with Equilivre
France Fil à la carte

Customized and customizable creations for our friends with 4 legs but also for human. Customization by quality embroidery and digitizing internally.

CARAMEL collabore avec Fil à la carte
France Georgette

The webzine Georgette Mag doesn’t ride in a taxi! Top deals, advice, news from the equestrian world are dealt with in a funny way and with a touch of madness on all the social networks

CARAMEL collaborates with Georgette
FranceHaras du Pin

The Haras National du Pin, which dates back to the Enlightenment period, boasts exceptional architecture dedicated to horse-breeding. A unique place to discover outstanding equestrian culture!

CARAMEL collaborates with Haras du Pin
France Haras Saint Lô

The Haras de Saint-Lô welcomes you from April to September to present its equine residents along with its 200-year history . At the heart of the birthplace of horse-racing, it brings together breeding, sport and culture.

CARAMEL collaborates with Haras Saint Lô
France Kephyre

Képhyre, a digital start-up, launches Kavale, the device which guaranteed the security of horses at rest (alerts in case of immobility, escape) and that of riders who ride alone (in case of a fall).

CARAMEL collaborates with Kephyre
France Le Cheval Bavard

The «Cheval Bavard», a stable with a difference, committed to a form of equestrianism where the horse and its needs are put first.

CARAMEL collaborates with Cheval Bavard
France Les Poneys de Julie

Choisissez parmi les nombreuses offres de notre centre équestre, vous serez enchanté de passez du temps avec nos chevaux et poneys. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter sur notre site pour toutes suggestions ou questions !

CARAMEL collabore avec Les poneys de Julie

Original and customised textile equipment for horses, Mod’Horse has met all your requirements in its French workshop since 2012. Size, shape, colour, embroidery, sequins...100% hand-made.

CARAMEL collaborates with Mod'Horse
France Mouillere

If you like Caramel, you will like mouillères. Not only because Caramel dreams of having some but because these overshoes are practical, resistant, warm and protect your boots.

CARAMEL collaborates with Mouillere
France Oisans Cheval en Montagne

L'association Cheval en Montagne a pour objet de promouvoir le cheval en montagne sous toutes ses formes : loisir, compétition, initiation, découverte, création, formation.

CARAMEL collabore avec Oisans Cheval en Montagne
France Poney Club de Paloumey

A laid-back and family-oriented pony club! Introduction, lessons, training, trekking, summer camps, competitions...The club is sponsored by Caramel!

CARAMEL collaborates with Club de Paloumey
France Sellerie Éthologique

The Sellerie Ethologique has been at your service since 2008. Quality products in beautiful colours, manufacturing and professional advice are this French firm’s key assets.

CARAMEL collaborates with Sellerie Éthologique
France Sellerie Marceau

The Sellerie Marceau is a French online sales site which offers a very wide choice of quality products for riders and their mounts. An enthusiastic team!

CARAMEL collaborates with Sellerie Marceau

Sauve Qui Peut is both a professional and charitable body helping former trotting horses. A forum is dedicated to finding new activities for these horses.

CARAMEL collaborates with Sauve Qui Peut

The Valkery gift card is the perfect choice if you want to progress, discover and enjoy the fun and the thrill of the world of horses. Experiences to live, share and offer!

CARAMEL collaborates with Valkery

LAV promotes and brings about a cultural change in the way we relate to other animals, putting a stop to their exploitation and promoting the issuing and implementation of new laws.

CARAMEL collaborates with LAV association


Some magazines were not able to publish the series.
However, because they enjoyed Caramel's humor, the editors-in-chief offered me work on other projects.

I owe all these opportunities to Caramel, from the simple illustration of articles to board games, as well as the illustration of other comics or animated advertising banners!

 Holistic Horse

AUSTRALIA    Scientific magazine
First collaboration : 2006

A fantastic adventure: creation of a board game on the conquest of Space. Mats, cards, game pieces...I have drawn everything. I loved it, as I am fascinated by everything to do with Space.

FRANCE    Equestrian magazine
First collaboration : 2011

Creation of a little pony resembling Caramel for a magazine read by the very young.

FRANCE    Comics magazine
First collaboration : 2003

Illustration for a Christmas story thought up by the scriptwriter Zidrou. My first work for the legendary comic book «Spirou» that I loved to read when I was a kid...

FRANCE    Comics magazine
First collaboration : 2006

Creation of a series of episodes for «Spirou» comic book : «My father is a Gangster». The opportunity to draw cars and guns. A magical collaboration with the scriptwriter Falzar.

SWISS    Kids magazine
First collaboration : 2012

Illustrations for articles and games («Spot the difference» and «Maze» games, etc...) for this very dynamic Swiss magazine.

UNITED STATES    Equestrian magazine
First collaboration : 2014

Illustrations for articles. Here ,Vitamin E protecting cells from the attacks of free radicals!


Today, I spend most of my time with Caramel. But drawing is a passion for me: I drew a lot of other things before Caramel came along... and I still do. My hand feels a constant need to scribble!