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Article 1.   Website’s informations

In agreement with the french law 2004-575 of June, 21,2004 for the trust in the numerical business, the site Caramel-cartoons enunciates below his various actors to the internauts :
Owner : Patrice Marsaudon – 770 route de Saint-Morillon 33650 Saint-Morillon
Release manage : Patrice Marsaudon Caramel
Release manager is a physical person.
Webmaster : Patrice Marsaudon Caramel
Host site : PlanetHoster - 4416 Louis-B.-Mayer - Laval, Québec – Canada - H7P 0G1

Article 2.   Terms and Conditions of use of the site and the provided services

The character of the website Caramel-cartoons is a registered trademark, that’s why any use of it without the owner’s written authorization is strictly forbidden.
Connection, use and access to this website, mean the users accept without reservation all the requirements of this legal notice hereafter described. These conditions of use may be modified at any time. The users are therefore encouraged to consult them frequently.
This website is normally accessible at any time. Sometimes, the owner can close the site because of technical maintenance. He’ll try to advise the users about the date and time of the intervention.
The website Caramel-cartoons is regularly updated by the release manager. Likewise, this legal information is subject to modification at any time: it is still binding on the users, who are asked to consult it as often as possible in order to be aware of any changes.

Article 3.   Description of the services

The aim ofCaramel-cartoons website is to provide information regarding the news and products about Caramel comic strip.
Patrice Marsaudon makes an effort to provide the most accurate information possible on his website. However, he shall not be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and failures to update, whether through his own fault or that of his third-party partners who supply these informations.
All of the information published on the website Caramel-cartoons is for general guidance purposes only and is subject to change. Furthermore, indications on the website are not exhaustive.

Article 4.   Contractual limitations about technical data

The site uses technology JavaScript.
In no case this website could be held responsible in any ways for any damage, physical or material that could rise from its use. Furthermore, website users undertake to access the site using recent hardware, with an updated browser of latest generation and does not contain any viruses.

Article 5.   Intellectual property and infringement

Patrice Marsaudon owns the intellectual property rights and all rights of usage on each items on the website, especially on texts, images, graphics, logos, videos, icons.
Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site, whatever the means or process used, is prohibited, except with prior written consent by Patrice Marsaudon.
Any unauthorized use of the site or of any of the items it contains shall be deemed to constitute an infringement and subject to legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of articles L.335-2 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code.
By accessing the website Caramel-cartoons :
- You agree to comply with French copyright legislation and related rights, with the French Intellectual Property Code and more generally with the international treaties and agreements containing provisions relating to the protection of copyright and intellectual property rights ; - It is also prohibited to introduce, by any means whatsoever, into the website, data which would modify the content or appearance of the data or works on the site - You don’t allow yourself to copy or download any or all of its content, except as part of a copy for strictly private and non-commercial use and provided you do not make any changes.

Article 6.   Restrictions of liability

Patrice Marsaudon shall not be held responsible for any damage directly or indirectly caused to the user's hardware when accessing the website Caramel-cartoons, either due to using hardware that does not meet the specifications stated in point 4, or due to the appearance of a bug or incompatibility.
Patrice Marsaudon shall not also be held responsible for consequential damages (such as for example a loss of market or loss of a chance) consecutive to the use of the site Caramel-cartoons.
The site contains interactive zones, by example in « contact » area where users have opportunity to ask questions. Patrice Marsaudon reserves the right to withdraw, without prior notice, any content in the area deemed inappropriate or which conflicts with French legislation, and in particular legislation relevant to data protection.
Where appropriate, Patrice Marsaudon also reserves the right to question the civil and / or penal liability of the user, especially in the event of a racist, abusive, defamatory or pornographic message, whatever the medium used (text, picture, …).

Article 7.   Personal data

In France, the personal data are protected by the law 78-87 of january, 6,1978, the law 2004-801 of August, 6,2004, the article L. 226-13 in Penal Code and in et la European Directive of October, 24,1995.
While using the site Caramel-cartoons, some data may be collected : the URL Internet address of the links via which the user accesses this site, the user's internet provider, the user's IP address.
In any case, Patrice Marsaudon only collects personal information relative to the user (name, e-mail address, telephone number) for the need of the services proposed by the site Caramel-cartoons. The user provides this information freely and in full knowledge of cause, in particular when he or she provides such information willingly. It is then specified to the users the obligation or not to provide these informations.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Law regulating the use of Internet personal files, you have the right to access, modify, amend or delete your personal data. In such cases, you will send a written request together with a copy of your personal identity card and stating the address where the answer would be sent to. No personal information on the user of this site is collected, published, traded or sold without his knowledge in any form whatsoever to third parties.
Only the assumption of redemption rights Patrice Marsaudon allows the transmission of such information to the prospective purchaser who would in turn be given the same obligation to store and modify data with respect to the user of the site Caramel-cartoons.

Article 8.   Hypertext links and cookies

The website Caramel-cartoons contains links giving access to sites introduced with the authorization of Patrice Marsaudon. However, Patrice Marsaudon does not have the possibility to check the content of the sites visited and therefore disclaims all responsibility in this regard.
Browsing the Caramel-cartoons website may cause cookies to be installed on the user's computer. A cookie is a small file which cannot be used to identify the user but which records information concerning the browsing by a computer on a site. The data thus obtained are intended to facilitate subsequent visits to the site, as well as to enable various measurements of visit frequency.
Refusing cookies may cause certain areas of the website to malfunction. In any event, a User may configure his computer so that cookies are systematically refused by his navigator :
• With Internet Explorer : tool tab / internet options. Click on Privacy and choose "Block all cookies". Validate on Ok. • With Firefox : at the top of the browser window, click the Firefox button, then go to the "Options" tab. Click on the "Privacy" tab. Set the retention rules to "use custom settings for history." Finally uncheck it to disable cookies. • With Safari : Click on the top right of the browser on the menu icon. Select "Settings". Click on "Show Advanced Settings". In the "Privacy" section, click "Content Settings". In the "Cookies" section, you can block cookies. • With Chrome : Click on the top right of the browser on the menu icon. Select "Settings". Click on "Show Advanced Settings". In the "Privacy" section, click on "preferences". In the "Privacy" tab, you can block cookies.


User : Internet user connecting and using the aforementioned site.

Personal data : the article 4 of the law 78-17 of January, 6,1978 defines the term as "permitting, directly or indirectly, the identification of physical persons through processing of data”.