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Here are the links to the websites of all the magazines I have worked with and that you have discovered on the 'Caramel around the world' page. If you are interested in any of them, don't hesitate to visit their sites!

But don't play for too long wth my Touch Screen Tablet...the battery goes flat quickly!!

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To re-charge the battery of this TouchMel 28, all you have to do is pat Caramel’s nose.

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advises to you...

Unfortunately this web site has been closed down after the magazine folded...

Unfortunately, we cant select any quality products for you because we haven’t got any.

We regret to inform you that, at the moment, all these salespeople are in prison for swindling, tax fraud or for endangering other people’s lives...
In fact, they shouldn’t be released for a while.
If one day, by chance, the situation was to change, we’ll let you know.

f you really want Carameegl to find something... type a different sentence!

Caaramegl is the only search engine on TouchMel 28. If you need to do a search, you must do it directly on Carameegl.
You will be directed to the search page.

Would You too like to feature among Caramel’s favourite places... and appear on the map?!

Choose the city where you would like to live on the Caramap, tell me what you are best at:
  - chocolate cookies
  - carrot cake
  - caramel popcorn
And I’ll add you to the map! I’m interested! Not for now

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  • Toes
Banner to share with CARAMEL Share Would like to share
a cuddle with Caramel? Nothing could be easier!

Send him:
. an e-mail, a letter, a drawing, caramel popcorn... or whatever you want! He reads everything with great pleasure and devours whatever can be eaten!

Contact him
Cookie banner shaped like CARAMEL Cookies Having problems with your cookies? Don’t panic, Caramel is here!

Send him all your cookies: those that are off, broken, in bits, half-eaten, whole, chocolate ones ...All brands, all sizes.
And if they are home-made cookies, he will even send you his autograph to thank you!

Contact him
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has only found one really interesting result for:

The Caramel website /... arrow green Banner siteweb of CARAMEL

The fabulous site of one of the most extraordinary cartoon characters in four billion years!

  • Series
    Comics and introduction of the characters
  • In motion
    A living character!
  • Worldwide
    Caramel around the world, and various drawings
  • Making of
    Genesis of the series, very first gag and tools used
  • Store
    Mugs, T-shirts, equestrian products... Take Caramel everywhere with you!
  • Links
    Links to magazines, and how I created the website
  • Contact
    To contact Caramel, the author or ask questions
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Others suggestioongls :

CARAMEL choice 1The amazing Caramel
CARAMEL choice 2Caramel superhero
CARAMEL choice 3Caramel : world star
CARAMEL choice 4Caramel loved by all
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Don’t tire yourself out: the prices change all the time.
Even WE can’t keep track of them...

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  • Bulky

  • Shameful

  • To repair

  • Unsaleable be perfectly frank, we’ d rather you didn’t see what’s in the "" category.

That one either! Well in fact, we are not very proud of the "" category.

Don’t insist! The "" category is not up to much either

Well... stick with it if you’re having fun...

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By default
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Carameegl picks up a fat fee from these merchants. The amount paid in is the only criteria used to rank these results and the sum goes directly into Carameegl’s pocket.

Following numerous complaints, we can no longer offer this article for sale.

There’s no chance at all of any articles going on sale.76 €
Good mood mask Caramsmile

Depression, yellow teeth...not in the mood for smiling?
Thanks to this discreet and light mask, you will look joyful and intelligent, thus allowing you to enjoy a social life where nobody is able to detect your mood.
Ideal at the office or at home.

76 €
Consult the site for postage and packaging.
rating 5 stars

Definitive end of production. The product was so shoddy that even the packaging was faulty.

Stock in the process of decontamination.7 322€ Givall
Mel’s drool, superpowered detergent

Something sticky deep down in your pocket? Mel’s drool removes all the stains and gets rid of crumbs and any bits and pieces. Efficient on: clothes, tiles, carpets, bags, drawers…
Careful: only works on sweet things. For stains from four-cheese pizzas, use Stopit’s drool.

7 322€
Free postage when two products are purchased.
rating 4 stars

The toxicity of the products used to manufacture this article has compelled us to bring sales to a temporary halt.

Stock seized and destroyed by law.49,99 € Screwed-sold
Carambreath Fresh Pony+ toothpaste

Do you dream of having a pony’s breath?
With this entirely natural toothpaste, made of straw, clover and dried carrots, re-discover the pleasure of having horrible breath!
One smile from you will free up a seat on the bus, at the cinema or take you to the head of the checkout in your supermarket!

49,99 €
P&P not included.
rating 3 stars

The sale of this item has generated ridiculously high profits. The sales reps, on holiday in a luxury hotel on the Fidji Islands, can’t be reached at the moment.

Re-stocking scheduled for around 2076.1 863 € Compulsive Mag
Recipe book Caramel helps you lose weight

AT LAST special «diet» cakes: all you have to do is bake to the recipes, put the cakes in one of the cardboard boxes offered with the book and send everything to Caramel.
Enjoy baking all the cakes you like, without putting 1kg on!
Let yourself go on the cake front, Caramel has got it all in hand!

1 863 €
Consult the site for postage and packaging.
Compulsive Mag
rating 1 star

No stock. The only product manufactured was such a joke that it triggered general hilarity among the workers who were never able to make it again.

Product awaiting a new design.9,70 € Cheapprice
Women’s high-heeled shoe Clodhopper Mel

Thanks to this refined and elegant stiletto, you won’t have to worry about having your feet crushed in a disco any more!
Made in zinc-coated titanium- aluminum from the mould of one of Caramel’s hooves, this shoe, weighing 63 kilos, will protect you from any clumsy people around.
Please note, however, that with this stiletto, acrobatic rock’ n roll is no easy task...

9,70 €
Expensive P&P.
rating 5 stars
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Only page 3 is interesting.

Claims of any sort concerning these %$#@ items can’t be taken into account because Carameegl doesn’t offer quality control or track and trace services at all!
Map of the good addresses of CARAMEL


Adding map

Sorry, but the search engine Carameegl is only dedicated to Caramel.
No other
searches available...

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Send your selection

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  • arrow 1  At some point, turn right;
  • arrow 3  Then straight on;
  • arrow 2  Turn left before it’s too late;
  • arrow 6  Cut yourself into 2;
  • arrow 8  Do whatever you like;
  • arrow 3  Continue straight on for 700kms;
  • arrow 4  Do a U-turn because it’s not the right way;
  • arrow 3  Resuming your journey, go straight on for 680km;
  • arrow 12  Fill the tank up;
  • arrow 5  Take the direction you want;
  • arrow 17  ... Try not to arrive late!
  • 943 km 2,76 d
  • arrow 22  Get on the bus;
  • arrow 23  Don’t forget to pay the fare to the driver, he has no sense of humour;
  • arrow 20  Try not to tell your fellow travellers too many bad things about your mother- in-law;
  • arrow 24  Have a little sleep;
  • arrow 15  If you are hungry, make a few pancakes discreetly at the back of the bus;
  • arrow 19  If the driver gets angry about the pancakes, say it’s for your mother-in-law, it usually does the trick;
  • arrow 24  Digest your pancakes;
  • arrow 11  Get ready to arrive by putting on mask and snorkel;
  • arrow 21  Glub glub glub glub.
  • 5 208 km 824 d
  • arrow 3  Go straight on;
  • arrow 7  Cut the road;
  • arrow 2  Turn left 9 times;
  • arrow 9  Crawl for 38kms;
  • arrow 11  Put on a mask and a snorkel to cross the river. The bridge is under repair;
  • arrow 16  Hesitate before turning right;
  • arrow 10  Hop for 1623kms;
  • arrow 3  Continue straight on for as far as you can;
  • arrow 2  Take a final turn on the left.
    ...or on the right.
  • 47 208 km 1/2 h
  • arrow 26  Dont forget to go to the loo before setting off;
  • arrow 25  Put on the diving suit any way you can;
  • arrow 27  Fasten the belt properly;
  • arrow 28  Do NOT think about the 1730 tons of highly explosive fuel you are sitting on;
  • arrow 29  Normally...the landing is smooth. But take a few plasters with you all the same.
The journey is long.
Take cookies, water and some of Caramel’s albums for the return trip.
10 minutes before you arrive, think of taking a deep breath.
(Flippers are forbidden on the bus).
You can also cross the street.
* To cool down your soles, take a break half-way.
People are often sick when taking off. Don’t go in your cleanest clothes.


This is a recommended route only. It may be totally stupid and may lead nowhere. Take that into account when you plan your route.

The CaraSat-91 satellite is going through a narcissistic crisis at present: it doesn’t take images of the planet any more but spends its time taking selfies. We are doing all we can to solve this little technical problem.

Please renew your request later...

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In order to satisfy
everybody, we are going
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Hold tight...

And there will also be a bit of rain...

here !

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it’s nap time.
You won’t be able to move Caramel on the map.

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